Case Studies:

Translation & localization clients -in partnership with advertising agencies- include:

DHL   Greyhound   Kellogg's

Nike  Pepsi   Sprint   TXU

We've created & proofed advertorial copy for multiple branded media outlets in multiple formats like sms/text, im/chat rooms, blogs, video streams and podcasts for:

DirectTV   MTV   Mun2 pron Mundos    NBC    Univision

Management of on-site promotions with different marketing executions including;
On-site demoguerrillastealth and viral for:

ABC TV    Bank Of America   Ben and Jerry's Icecream 

  Burt's Bees    Echobridge Films     Hell's Kitchen TV ShowOld Navy


We've pro-actively supported officers of multinational communications firms in creative, media, and celebrity marketing -from power points and project management to live multimedia presentations:

The Markets - financial firm BBDO  Nicelodeon   NBC  Source Media  


We've coordinated stage traffic and promotional content at brand-sponsored festivals and conferences with all-day artist or speaker line ups:     

Promax BDA conference and awards    Austin City Limits    Wired Fest

Tribeca FilmComicCon New York ConferenceHeineken BeerPeople Fiesta



Long Button the places section at top of browser reads, We take pride in all our work, here are some examples


Our sponsor in this e-philanthropy program was the Annual Giving Development team at: Memorial Sloan Ketterin Cancer Center

Cycle For Survival


Facebook Cycle


We supported production of online fund raising platform for

 Cycle for Survival logo 

a team indoor cycling event at Equinox gyms that raised $1.3 M, exceeding original goals by 25%.





Our staff facilitated e-marketing efforts, social media, donor relations, gift processing and HIPAA compliance.





cover of Media Week with article on VH1's pod-busters


At VH1 mini logo we staffed production and marketing implementation for innovative television commercial break initiative named pod-busters, as well as other interstitials and graphic elements.


We were hired to orchestrate production traffic through an “assembly line” of creative, legal, sales, marketing, music programming, operations, research, and channel partners.

vh1 article part 1  vh1 article part 2  vh1 article part 3  vh1 article part 4

Triton Radio

For Triton Radio Networks, property of Triton Media, we conducted strategic research for radio and Internet content syndication; through analysis of industry overviews, focus groups, surveys along with vertical and international markets.

 Triton Radio Networks

For TM Studios, also owned by Triton Media, we proofed and translated international marketing collateral as well as website's 1st Spanish iteration.

TM Studios English TM Studios Spanish